Fms 3000 чпу цена – Russian NC FMS-3000 series systems

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Russian NC FMS-3000 series systems

Высокоточные российские ЧПУ системы серии FMS-3000.



FMS-3000 – a modern Russian high-performance numerical control device, designed to be installed on various types of process equipment. Russian NC FMS-3000 are based on the industrial performance of the computer with an open architecture. Adaptation to a specific type of machine is performed using the PLC program and a wide range of parameters FMS-3000.







FMS-3000 – a modern Russian high-performance unit CNC management, designed to be installed on various types of process equipment.

Russian NC FMS-3000 are based on computer industrial design with an open architecture, that in combination with a powerful software makes it easy to integrate into their structure computer components of the leading manufacturers of computer equipment.

Открытая структура программного обеспечения позволяет включать в состав системы программные модули пользователя.

Adaptation to a particular type the machine by means of the PLC program and a wide range of FMS-3000 parameters.




– precision control and drive system of the background controller PLC,

a significant increase in the overall performance of the equipment by reducing development time and debugging control technology programs, Setting up the machine for processing a particular part, high precision processing with controlled dimensions of the part and tools,

– WEB-service support allows remote monitoring of the machine on any remote device, connected to the network – PC, a mobile plate or smartphone,

the transformation of the three-dimensional programming 5-axis machining parts in real time,

– easy integration of standard computer components,

ease of preparation of operating programs in the visual environment,

– integrated debugging tools, configuration and diagnostics,

prompt shipment of spare parts in the event of loss, electric, or sensors fail,

– spatial correction in the size of the tool (analogue known only Fidia System),

circular interpolation in space,

– dynamic synchronization axes,

the mixed servo-control and the positional axes in any combination with any types of actuators, including unregulated,

– Operator interface customization, depending on the machine type or the tasks performed,

to 8 working on the display panels TNC,

– testing of the technology program forward or backward by an unlimited number of images,

combination of movement axes of the program with the hand motions of the axes,

– warranty and post-warranty software update.


milling machines,


machining centers,


thermal cutting machines,

other CNC equipment.


Note: description of the technology on the example of CNC systems FMS-3000 series.



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